The Ungovernable Force (2015)

The latest exploitation / Grindhouse feature film from Ungovernable Films, featuring all your favorite ungovernable motifs like sex, gore, violence, nudity, schlock, and laughs! Oh, and of course a social message! This time it's "fuck the police!"

The Ungovernable Force Viooz
Viooz Score: 4/10 from 1 votes
Release Date: 2015-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 101 min / 1:41

The Ungovernable Force Casts

Jake Vaughan
as Sal Purgatory
Aurora Grabill
as Eva Devotchka
Tony Moran
as Don Ruggero Corbucci
Debbie Rochon
as Dr. Galton
Lloyd Kaufman
as Sal's Dad
Bill Weeden
as Kevin
Jack Sullivan
as Jack Orphan
Apache Ramos
as Apache Bum
as News Anchor
Diane Pimentel
as Cocktail Waitress
Arthur Hiou
as Mobster
Lin Hultgren
as Forensics Officer
Richard Chandler
as Hipster Scum#1
Jonathan Neves
as Joseph
Paul McAroni
as Bro 3
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
as Dizney 'He's Got A Gun'
Nic Cramer
as Mobster 1
Salena Powers
as Kunt
Brian Douglas Young
as Steve
Jorge Rivas
as Bro 1
Dolores McDougal
as Sal's Mom
Sebec Dillon
as Mobster
Tom Kenny
as Mobster
Joe Paragona
as Joey Parabortion
Timothy Fife
as Mobster
Graham King
as Marshalonious
Steve 'Ignorant' Williams
as Punk Rock Monster 5 (voice)
Blake Rickerson
as Mayor
Patty Gould
as Concerned Citizen
Jim Heffernan
as Mobster
Tracy Sullivan
as Mobster
Nikki Hentz
as Francesca
Eric Kovac
as Kovac
Nick Norrman
as Self
Chris Dubey
as Bum
Steven Lawlor Jones
as Gay Dude 2
Nathan Philip Johnson
as Deputy Dirtbag
Greg LaVoie
as Luigi Di Coppola
James Kane
as Simon Ferocious
Paul Greenberg
as Cop
Gabriel Ohara Durkee
as Punk
John Berosh
as Bum Nurse
Steve Lake
as Punk Rock Monster 2 (voice)
Brady Roche
as Punk
Kimberly Kearney
as Concerned Citizen
Rina-Fay London Monroe
as Bum
Peter Jehlen
as Journalist
Alex Edwards
as Debate Moderator
Zoƫ Kovac
as Bum
David R Lyko
as Punk
Rich Foster
as Cop
Jeff Pimentel
as Mobster
Stabatha La Thrills
as Punk Girl
Garrett Belair
as Self
Rick Weir
as Gay Dude 1
Paul McGillicuddy
as Alfred
Robert Maguire
as Concerned Citizen
Christine Paustian
as Journalist
Hope Zimmerman
as Steph
Paul Russo
as Cy Russo
David R. Reid
as Sheriff Dupont
Aristote Hekima
as Aristote Orphan
Bob Griffith
as Mobster
James Deegan
as Self
David Rudderforth
as Concerned Citizen
Charldyn Valcin
as Silas
Lauren Kress
as Concerned Citizen
Stephen Walling
as Hipster 1
Shawn White
as Forensics Officer
Jared Marble
as Punk
Kurt Lawlor-Jones
as Debate Crowd Member
Chris Jordan
as Bum
Sascha Gottschalk
as Concerned Citizen
Harry Toole
as Terry
Lilith Tempest
as Punk
Phil Eleftherakis
as Mobster
Ray DiNitto
as Raybortion
Cliff Anzalone
as Punk
Michael Russo
as Punk
Thomas Mensforth
as Punk Rock Monster 3 (voice)
Dave Sullivan
as Tony Balls
John Ewing
as Jeremiah
Timothy Kress
as Debate Attendee
Antonio Anderson
as Punk
Scud Vile
as Punk
Keith DeTeau
as Concerned Citizen
Sally Homer
as Debate Attendee
Michael McCarthy
as Deputy McCarthy
Robert Hopkins
as Bobby Braintree
Ashley Amber Bottoms
as Journalist
Jonathan Thyne
as Kyle
Renee Mandrake
as Lousia's Friend
Rob Collins
as Bum
George Eleftherakis
as Mobster
Rich Boucher
as Cop
Rafael Cardenas
as Forensics Officer
P.J. Brown
as PJ Orphan
Tonio Almeida
as Self
Louisa Lamarre
as Crime Scene Reporter
John Romano
as Mobster
Joe Sablone
as Mobster
Jaz-Rae Landess
as Jaz Raebortion
S. Scott Berger
as Forensics Officer
Lindsay Walling
as Lousia
Ricky Pivin
as Bum
Eric Devoe
as Punk
Michelle McCarthy
as Concerned Citizen
Bob Florio
as Punk
P.J. Rodrigues
as Mud
Cory Mashburn
as Mobster
Sam Hays
as Mick
Jordan Gillam
as Betty
Mark Geanakakis
as Jonas
James Baglini
as Jerry
Heather Bonin
as Concerned Citizen
William Bauer Jr.
as Bro 2
Bill McMorrow
as Bum
Zillah Minx
as Punk Rock Monster 4 (voice)
Wendy Walsh
as Concerned Citizen
Zack Gardner
as Punk
Mike Domenici
as Bum
Louis DiCecca
as Mobster
Maurice Andrew Toole
as Maurice
Adam Linn
as Hipster
Allan Alexander
as Allen
Jason Vasques
as Concerned Citizen

The Ungovernable Force Crew

Sound Michael J. Epstein Sound Editor
Camera Michael J. Epstein Camera Operator
Sound Michael J. Epstein Sound Mixer
Sound Michael J. Epstein Boom Operator
Camera Michael J. Epstein Assistant Camera
Directing Paul M McAlarney Director
Crew Nick Norrman Cinematography