Stephanie Sy



Place of birth:

Southern California, United States:

Film Credits

Seance (2021)
as Yvonne
Nobody (2021)
as Real Estate Agent
A House on Fire (2021)
as Dr. Olivia Mertes
Wolf in Dude's Clothing (2021)
as Intern
Snowkissed (2021)
as Corrina
A Winter Getaway (2021)
as Julie
Project Christmas Wish (2020)
as Ashley
A Christmas Mission (2020)
On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020)
as Caroler #1
Sweet Autumn (2020)
as Ella
Tales from the Hood 3 (2020)
as Anna
Welcome to Sudden Death (2020)
as Psi
Amazing Winter Romance (2020)
as Selena
The Grudge (2020)
as Amnio Nurse
Ruthless Souls (2019)
as Honey
Christmas at the Plaza (2019)
as Desiree
The Christmas Club (2019)
as Lynn
Radio Christmas (2019)
as Ariel
Always and Forever Christmas (2019)
as Rose
Fractured (2019)
as Nurse Anne
Night Hunter (2019)
as Glasgow's Wife
The Perfect Match (2019)
as Shar
One Winter Proposal (2019)
as Amanda
A Christmas in Tennessee (2018)
as Josie Andelman
Washed Away (2017)
as Donna
Sucker Punch (2011)
as Dancer
Orphan: First Kill ()
as Flight Attendant