Jay Giannone

Film Credits

Lansky (2021)
as Salvatore Maranzano
Downeast (2021)
as Rocco
The Penitent Thief (2021)
as Dismas
Acceleration (2019)
as Marco
Patriots Day (2016)
as Jimmy
Justice Served (2015)
as Galen Terry
By the Gun (2014)
as Joe
The Iceman (2012)
as Dominick Provenzano
Safe (2012)
as Detective Kolfax
A Broken Code (2012)
as Detective Celi
From the Head (2011)
as Mark
Interpretation (2008)
as T.T.
Crazy Girls Undercover (2008)
as Jamir El Saeed
The Game Plan (2007)
as Doorman at Club
Gone Baby Gone (2007)
as Steve Penteroudakis
The Departed (2006)
as Detective #4 Tailing Queenan
Confidence (2003)
as Car Salesman
Southie (1998)
as Teddy Mac

Production Credits

The Penitent Thief (2021)
All for Nikki (2020)
Executive Producer
It Snows All the Time (2016)
It Snows All the Time (2016)